January 2021

I feel so much older than I did four years ago. I have aged at the speed of light, my heart heavy yet buoyant, as we move and slog through these days. Is it […]


A few years ago, my dad discovered Pinterest. The cornucopia of possibilities entranced him: knock-off Olive Garden Zuppa Tuscana recipes, ill-fated crafting projects, the occasional misdirected decorating idea. But one online offering really got […]


“But, that’s what any degree of intimacy is: accepting risk of pain. You’re not risking death, necessarily, but loving someone means that their life can hurt you. Commitment means accepting this trade off, the […]


A few months ago, a good friend of mine sat beaming at me from across her living room, holding her 3-month old daughter. I can’t actually remember if she asked me if I wanted […]


The first day of our honeymoon, a small blizzard cutting across the Rockies kept us stationary. We waited for the interstate to clear in a suburban Denver Whole Foods, making a last-minute decision to […]

Amandy Gets Married

The word seems foreign. Yet here he is: familiar. Weddings are beauty. I cringed at the thought of walking down the aisle having people stare at me. Not because I’m shy, but the whole […]

A New Year

In the sixth grade, our English teacher assigned my class to write our autobiography. Where most of my classmates wrote one-page summaries of their lives thus far, I wrote a scrawling multiple-page narrative going […]

A Fire

On a Saturday night in 2016, a cultural icon in Omaha burned to the ground. A beautiful building in the center of Omaha’s Old Market that housed lives, careers, art. Several businesses were lost […]

How to be Lonely

I never felt the difference in being alone and being lonely until I moved to Boston, completely by myself. It was pretty apparent a few weeks in that I had never actually been alone, […]

Conversations Lately

My dad pushed his glasses down to the bridge of his nose and peered over them at me. He does this when he’s about to say something profound and he really wants you to […]

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